anony.me is the email-based anonymous upward feedback tool that lets managers ask for, analyze, and reply to revealing feedback from 50 to 5000 people without effort. Sounds interesting? Then register to learn more when we launch.

It's right for you, if

you want to get honest feedback from your employees on your own performance or any other question that matters to your company, BUT you don't want to buy, install, and have everybody sign up for an expensive, complex feedback tool. Or you have some other, rather diverse community like a sports club whose members you just can't get to sign up for yet another tool.

And if

you want people not only to be honest, but also think about their answers without the constraints of a traditional scripted survey. After all, it's well known that people are very much influenced by pre-defined answers that typical surveys use, and true employee engagement happens only when people phrase their own thoughts. More on your benefits...


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Think of anony.me as the honesty provider and ice breaker for the question you already know you should ask your employees or community members.

No Setup, Instant Use

You don't have to create an account. You just receive the summarized results once your feedback request expires. (Online access available to view feedback early and reply most easily.)


Engage 50 to 500 people, the sweet spot for anonymous feedback, or 5000. Your company, your extended team, or your guarded online community.

True Insights

Revealing insights only come from open-ended questions and unconstrained responses, so does true employee engagement. Great networkers know this for thousands of years.

No Barriers

Eliminate barriers and listen to all your company's voices directly, yet without the effort. The next best thing to a personal conversation with all your employees. Or better.


Your data is protected and stays in Europe. Share it anonymously for access to global connections and insights, keep it private, or delete it. It's your choice. Trust made in Germany.