The logo pictogram, a black circle with white letter a in an open circle

Mission and Vision

The MISSION is to: Improve management through better communication with employees. We use anonymity to bring hidden issues to light and encourage managers and employees (and members of any other communities) to create processes and communication habits that reduce the future need for anonymity.

The VISION is that: Managers and employees (and members of any other professional or non-professional organization) communicate freely throughout management hierarchies, trust each other, and work towards their organization’s common goals with open agendas and true appreciation of each others’ contributions.

Mission Impossible,* Vision Entirely Possible

Improve Management Through Better Communication.

Less anonymity, better communication, more enjoyable workplaces. Vive la comunicación!

*Sorry, we know you want to help, but this is not one of your missions, Tom. Anonymity is not your thing, or is it?